Funny Incidents by Pat Conrad MD


You had better believe, we in medicine know funny. Health care hilarity runs the gamut from the more deliberately biting parodies of the lauded Placebo Journal to the propeller-beanie wearing, oblivious numbskullery of the AAFP. Wrier, subtler humor can be enjoyed in Medical Economics magazine. In their regular feature “Coding Insights”, a reader posed a question regarding “incident-to billing”:

Question: If a nurse practitioner or physician assistant gathers the history and other information and the physician then examines the patient and establishes assessment and plan, does this qualify for incident-to billing even if a new problem comes up?”
Answer: In the situation that you described, incident-to guidelines wound not necessarily apply, depending on which part(s) of the history the nurse practitioner (NP) or physician assistant (PA) documents.”
Not having any idea what “incident-to billing” is, I read the rest of the page, and apparently this all has to do with how to get paid if one has NP’s or PA’s working for them. It is clear as an un-prepped bowel, relies on “guidelines” which is legal nicety for “you can still be found guilty” and scarier still, I started to understand it.
Is this not hilarious? If anyone still doesn’t get why Doug keeps pushing Direct Primary Care, then you probably won’t get that in the alternative, the joke’s on you.

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