I Don’t Get It


I loved the movie Big with Tom Hanks.   There was this one scene (above) that hits home for me now.  After doing Direct Primary Care for the past year I am feeling like Josh Baskin listening to some idiot administrator rattle off his stats and me asking him questions like:

  1. “I don’t get it.  Why do you need to see patients every seven minutes?”
  2. “What’s fun about an EMR?”
  3. “There’s a million codes in the ICD-10.  Why do we need that?”
  4. “Can’t we have a system where the insurance companies don’t make the decisions and it is just the doctor and the patient?”

You can say that I am dreaming but I didn’t need Zoltar, the fortune teller machine, to help me out.  It just took gumption, grit and determination.  But now I am Josh Baskin, a big kid.  Medicine is fun again.  Won’t you join me?

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