My Medical Insurance is a Second Mortgage


I have a high deductible, piece of shi%t insurance plan from Anthem.  Until I pay $6K per person or $12K for the family, they pay nothing.  Nothing!  This costs me $1095 a month.  Here is the best part.  Next year it is going up to $1395 a month.  That’s a 30% increase. What if I don’t pay?  Oh yeah, it’s the law so I have no choice.  This is basically a second mortgage on my house and I will have spent $30K for the year before the insurance company pays a dime.  Want some more?  My son has ulcerative colitis.  Anthem won’t pay for any of his medications.  Not a dime. The generic sulfasalazine wasn’t working so he needed to go on to the next level of meds.  Turns out Anthem has the ability to just say no to anything they want.  Asacol, out of pocket, is $500 a month. I tried to use the pharmaceutical company’s card that guarantees no more than $25 month out of pocket for the medication if you have insurance.  Wouldn’t you know it, Anthem doesn’t care and won’t let the Rx go through. Luckily, he is under control without Asacol right now but that can change at any moment.  So, thank you, President Obama. Thank you, AMA.  Thank you, AAFP.  You created a monster that does nothing other than add a second mortgage to my monthly expenses.

Feel free to spread this around so others can see and share their horror stories.  We need to change the ACA because this travesty isn’t working. Wait, sorry, it is working just fine for Anthem and the other insurance companies.

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