Who Wants Money?


The more I see of the Affordable Care Act, the more I hate it.   It turns out that “dozens of hospital groups, health departments, doctor associations and others will get almost $700 million to improve patient care as part of the Obama administration’s initiative to overhaul payment methods for medical providers.”  These grants are funded under the Affordable Care Act. Where the hell did this money suddenly come from and where is the $700 million going?  Sounds like it is for administrators at these systems to pay themselves more as they sit at meetings creating new committees or action teams or whatever?   That’s a lot of coffee and bagels.

This from the WSJ article I found it in:

The grant awards are part of a broader effort by the administration to move health systems and providers away from getting a fee for each service they provide and instead reward the quality of care patients receive. They also illustrate a shift away from implementing the health law to moves aimed at transforming patient care.

Ah, the evil fee for service.  Meanwhile, everything else in this country is transacted via fee for service.  I guess I will let that slide since DPC isn’t truly fee for service but then where the hell is my grant money?  Oh, that’s right, it’s going into the “quality of care” initiatives.  Which means what?  Exactly.  Unproven metrics via unproven mandates all with my tax money.  What a bunch of crap.

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