Aetme Does It Again


The title in the WSJ goes as follows: Aetna’s Earnings Rise Amid Moderate Medical Costs.  Remember Aetna is buying Humana so good times ahead.  Why do they better-than-expected earnings?  Because they are gouging customers. It reminds me of buying food at an airport or at a ballpark.  You can’t leave or go anywhere else so your screwed.  And it will only get worse. Let’s see what their CEO says:

”As we finish out the year and look toward 2016 and beyond, we are well-positioned across a number of major growth opportunities, including Medicare and Medicaid,” said Chief Executive Mark T. Bertolini.

That is so nice.  In fact, Aetna said it was aiming for at least low double-digit earnings growth!


There is no stopping this train.  We are all screwed.

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