Can’t File Tax Returns?


MSN is trying to tug on your heartstrings by pointing out that:

Tens of thousands of people with modest incomes are at risk of losing health insurance subsidies in January because they did not file income tax returns.

Then they get personal and mention people’s stories on how they were angry and frustrated and afraid.

What?  Who doesn’t fill out tax returns?  Why is this even a discussion?  Most of the those tax places will do them for almost nothing.  We are a country filled with a bunch of people who just don’t want to do anything anymore for themselves.  Give me my free subsidy and screw your tax returns, they say.  No tax returns? What country am I living in?

The best part may be at the end:

The Obama administration and a small army of insurance counselors are getting ready to assist people who may lose subsidies because they failed to “file and reconcile” their 2014 tax credits.

Small army?  I wonder who pays for that?  Oh, yeah, more taxes from me.

Douglas Farrago MD

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  2 comments for “Can’t File Tax Returns?

  1. Private Doc
    November 1, 2015 at 12:20 pm

    Meanwhile my premium that was 532 bucks a month before obamacare is now 1300 Bucks a month for much worse coverage and a much higher deductible. They don’t care because I am paying for it

  2. Steve O'
    November 1, 2015 at 9:38 am

    We forget a few things.
    One is that there are many people who are of limited means and rationality, and assume that Big Sky Daddy in Washington takes out the right amount of taxes from their meager paychecks – why file? Remember, Big Sky Daddy doesn’t care if you don’t file – if you are due a return. But if you owe money to BSD, you’re on the hit list.
    Another is the big kicker. Most illegal aliens are paid on bogus social security documentation, so their taxes are automatically deducted from the payroll (and likely raked off by the employer.) It’s not wise to file as “illegal alien!” and get your tax return, or pay Uncle Sam that extra $20 you owe.
    A lot of the sturm und drang about illegals taking our jobs doesn’t mention paying our taxes. It’s not worth trying to get Obamacare when the consequence is a free ticket to the border for you and your family. They might be illegals, but they don’t always reap the benefits of it.

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