Scribes Are The Answer?


I just saw this moronic blog on KevinMD entitled “Why medical scribes are the ultimate answer to our health IT woes”. Check it out as it will surely make you laugh. In glowing, rose-colored terms the physician, who writes it, pontificates that the way to fix our mess is life is just pay $15 an hour for a scribe.  It is that simple.  Sure, he understands that “it’s not realistic to suggest that it’s possible for any doctor to spend 100 percent of the day in direct patient care, but 10 percent is quite frankly, a little sick.” He is bothered that the system is “turning physicians into “type and click bots.”” That being said, he has the answer because he has “been in clinical practice for the best part of a decade and seen first hand in several hospitals this huge problem unfold, I am increasingly coming to the conclusion that medical scribes may be the ultimate answer to the problem of taking doctors back to where they belong. In direct patient care.”  Really?  Almost ten years? That long, huh?

After his extensive experience in practicing medicine, he gives his reasons why scribes would be great:

  • Physicians have more time to engage in direct patient care.
  • Physicians can see more patients and be more productive.
  • Increased physician job satisfaction, retention and lower burnout rates as they spend more of their day doing what they were trained to do and less time staring at a screen.
  • The scribes themselves are often college-age students who want to get into a health care profession. They are paid an hourly rate and are very happy to be there learning about medicine.
  • Hospitals benefit from happier staff, patients and higher productivity.

Now, what is missing from that list?  Let me see….hmmmmm….oh, yeah, the PATIENTS!  Do you think patients want scribes in the room?  Ask them.

This article was another example of the newer generation trying to fix a problem with technology and not with good service. And guess what, we are in a service industry?  They do not understand it and never will.

I can fix the IT health care woes.  Remove quality metrics.  Remove coding for billing.  Remove the government.  Remove the insurance companies. Done.

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