Blasting the Bogus PCMH Concept

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I need to give props out to Amy Rosenthal MD from NC.  This was a letter to Medical Economics in October where she shreds the PCMH concept.  Above is the screen shot but the highlights are:

  • In my experience what was supposed to be patient centered was actually data centered
  • It put layers of staff between me and my patients
  • Dr. Holly highlighted “listening to a patient and treating the whole person” as key to the medical home.  This is absurd. A practice does need to have a PCMH label to treat patients with respect and as individuals
  • While PCMH sounds like the latest, greatest thing, it is much ado about not much, and in my experience impedes the doctor/patient relationship

Great job, Amy!  How about you leave the dark side and join the DPC movement where you will actually accomplish the right goals with the right values?

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