Bad News by Phone


In a new blow to authentic medicine a team of researchers from the University of Michigan concluded that “communicating the news that a biopsy result indicates malignancy by telephone may be better than delivering the news in person”.  Is the whole world going crazy?  Have we sunk to a new low?

Here is the best part.  The researchers said this:

“Telemedicine approaches can potentially relieve much of the anxiety associated with in-person consultations while delivering bad news in a timely, compassionate, and patient-centered manner,” write Naveen Krishnan and colleagues in a viewpoint published in the November issue of JAMA Oncology.


Don’t you just love that they used the “patient-centered” term.  It just proves you can use it anywhere you want.  It’s pure Administralian bullshit.  Let me show you:

  • The patient was killed in a patient-centered manner.
  • The doctor was brought to the State Board of Medicine for having sex with a patient but all charges were dropped because he did it in a patient-centered manner.
  • The patient had surgery on the wrong limb but at least it was done in a patient-centered manner.

Do you see what I am saying? That term means nothing!

Listen, this whole study was performed to support the industrialized medicine model of churning people through and treating them like numbers and not people.  What other service industry can get away with such poor manners?  None.

Oh, wait, the government can.


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