Health Care is Very Affordable?


So there is a new nominee for douche of the year.  The Boston Globe just put out an article entitled Partners’ CEO says health care in state is “very affordable” and it will make you cringe. Dr. David Torchiana is the head of the state’s largest and most expensive network of doctors and hospitals and he said that health care is “very affordable” in Massachusetts.  He states this even though health care costs are higher in Mass than in other parts of the country.  He cites figures from The Commonwealth Fund (left leaning pro Obamacare group), which found that health insurance premiums represent 18 percent of median household income in Massachusetts, but 21 percent of income for households across the United States.

  • First of all, 18 to 21% of income going to pay for healthcare is outrageous!  Either one. Trust me, the doctors and nurses in the trenches aren’t getting this and they are doing 99% of the work.  Maybe other cardiac surgeons like Torchiana are.
  • Second, Dr. Douchebag only says Mass is affordable because it is less than some other states.
  • Third, Partners “charges more than its competitors for similar care. Attorney General Maura Healey has said this market “dysfunction” is pushing medical spending higher across the state.”
  • Fourth, Torchiana, was a heart surgeon and longtime executive at Massachusetts General Hospital before becoming chief executive of Partners.  This dude is so out of touch of what real people make and can survive on it’s a joke.


Torch, as this doc likes to be called, has no clue what the common man or woman has to go through.  They are bleeding money to pay for high deductible plans that suck.  When they go to the doctor at Partners, for example, the bills are probably astronomical and not covered until that deductibles are met.  This gouging is disgusting and he is clueless about their pain.  It is making people NOT go to their doctors because they cannot afford any more than the insurance they are paying.   Torch says that “I’ve always been prickly about criticism but it feels personal now.” Really, Torch?  Then don’t say stupid shit like healthcare is very affordable.

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