It’s A Wonderful Physician’s Life

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Throwback to 2003.  Courtesy of the Placebo Journal. I found some of the editorial explaining the cover.  Warning: It’s dark.

Watch the story of Dr. George Bailey, a physician who loses his will to live when he realizes that his family is spending much more than he can actually make. George reaches an epiphany that the only his wife and kids can continue to lead their excessive lifestyle is to kill himself for the life insurance. Answering the age old question that every doctor asks, “What would this world be like if I had never graduated medical school?” Basically it is a sweet-natured classic drama about a near-suicidal man learning the value of his existence can never match the spending of a family.

Memorable Lines:

 “What is it you want, Mary? What do you want? You…you want the house? The car? The boat? Just say the word and I’ll throw a lasso around it and give it to you so you can cram it up your ass.” Dr. George Bailey

“Every time Daddy’s pager goes off an angel gets his wings.” Zuzu

“Remember, no man is a failure who has a prenup.” Clarence the Angel

Featuring award-winning songs “Escort Gal Won’t You Come Out Tonight”!


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