One Board Supposedly Cracks

The American Board of Anesthesiology will become the “first medical board to scrap a widely criticized test that most physicians take every 10 years to demonstrate that they are up to date in their specialties”.  Finally.  How will they make their money, though?  I mean, these organizations have posh lifestyles and pay their people exceptionally well (you can see more on that from the ABIM).  Well, instead they will “offer its 50,000 “board-certified” members the opportunity to show their mastery — and brush up if they fall short — through weekly online quizzes that they can take at will, coupled with educational material.”  What is the cost of that? The 10-year cost will be the same as taking the test — $2,100. That is $210 a year.  With 50,000 members that is $10,500,000 a year!  Not too shabby.  There is at least double this in family medicine.  There is at least double this in internal medicine.  That is $20 million coming in a year!  Why do they need this much money?  I would rather donate it to a charity than fill their coffers some more.  Don’t be fooled by this ingenious capitulation.

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