Getting Owned


The Graham Center Policy One-Pager put out a piece illustrated in the AAFP journal called Fewer Americans Report a Personal Physician as Their Usual Source of Health Care.  Is that a surprise to anyone?

The report goes on to say:

  • One in five Americans reports no usual source of health care
  • The number of Americans reporting that they have a personal relationship with a usual source of care has declined steadily over the past 15 year
  • Although the percentage of all persons who reported a usual source of care across the study period declined slightly, a more striking divergence was apparent in those who had a usual source of care.
  • Declines in the percentage of people reporting an individual clinician as their usual source of care was countered by a nearly equivalent rise in those reporting a facility.
  • The advent of patient-centered medical homes, broader primary care teams, and increased virtual contact may help to explain these findings and represent opportunities for improved outcomes. This important topic deserves further research and the attention of health care stakeholders.

This has always been the goal of hospitals and administrators and insurers.  They want to make sure that patients don’t have a doctor but a system.  Their system.  The doctor is a pawn or chess piece that can be easily replaced. The bogus team concept was created to squash loyalties to a single doctor.  You hear it when hospitals and insurers call themselves health care givers in their ads.  You hear it when they devalue doctors and call them providers. It is time to stand up for ourselves and for patients and take the healthcare system back.

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