77 Messages A day


A new study in JAMA Internal Medicine found that primary care physicians received an average of 77 inbox notifications a day from electronic health records in the first half of 2015, compared with 46 specialists who received an average of 29 notifications a day. The researchers said data extrapolation indicates PCPs spend about an hour a day processing the notifications.  Interesting.  Before I go off, let me say that this number (77) is probably too low.  One doc in an article talking about this stated, “I should be so lucky as to have only 77 in-basket messages; it averages way over 100 for me, more like 110 to 140”.  All this is time that gets sucked out of these docs’ lives.  Not me.  When you only have 600 or less patients in your panel then you can actually control your inbox and feel complete with patients.  Imagine that?  That is what DPC does for you.  So what is holding doctors back from bolting? Fear.

Isn’t it time to fight through that?

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