One in Three Blame Doctors for Opioid Abuse Problem


The public is blaming doctors for the nation’s epidemic of opioid addiction about as much as they hold individuals responsible for abusing the drugs. They also support the new Obama administration guidelines that pressures doctors to prescribe fewer powerful painkillers.  But they are also worried that it will create hurdles for people who legitimately need strong pain medicine.   Do you see the lunacy of this?  Let’s summarize the patients’ perspectives here: First, doctors caused this. Second, we want fewer narcs prescribed.  Third, we want narcs when we need them!

And here is a question.  Why aren’t the prescribing guidelines sponsored by Purdue Pharmaceuticals like the pain scale was in the early 2000s?  That’s right.  The Joint Commission started this mess with the support of a pharmaceutical company with skin in the game.  Why aren’t they held responsible? Why am I the only one calling out this third party hired gun who made doctors increase their pain prescriptions or be subject to lawsuits?


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