Administrators Losing Jobs and Doctors Taking Over Healthcare


In an amazing turn of events, administrators are starting to lose their jobs everywhere.  Hospitals have asked doctors for their input on making healthcare better and this was the number one request.  Surprisingly, hospital board of directors all around the country have agreed and have been purging the ranks of administrators by over 94%.  This has cut overhead in these hospitals and medical groups by 97%.  Flush with coffers filled with newly found assets, hospitals have begun lowering their prices while at the same time making them transparent. Amazingly enough, no one has noticed the loss of these administrators. “It was weird but when I was told of the exodus I didn’t find anything different other than the fact that no one was bugging us with stupid crap anymore,” said Jenny Moss of City Hospital in Georgia.

Feeling the pressure of being the only administrators left, hospital CEOs around the country have started to decreasing  their own salaries and bonuses to a more appropriate level.  In most cases they have dropped by over 84%.  To fill the void of the “missing” administrators, many hospitals have promoted a couple of doctors to do a few extra tasks and take over a few different committees.  These doctors were able to fulfill these new roles with as little as 20 minutes extra time a week.

All the information about this massive transformation can be found here.

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