Reneging on a Contract


Here is a nice little diddy from Pennsylvania. High mark is forcing health care providers to take reimbursement cuts of 4.5 percent for Obamacare insurance products only a few months into an insurance contract year.  Imagine that?  Who has the leverage here?  Obviously, they broke the contract and now the Pennsylvania Medical Society is responding with a very stern……letter.  I am sure the insurer will backtrack on this.  LOL.  The story gets more fun. While Highmark plans to cut provider reimbursements for ACA-related insurance products, the insurer also raised premiums to consumers “well beyond the state’s average.” This proves that the insurers alway get theirs. It is similar to working for a hospital employer. I interviewed with one hospital group in Virginia years ago and the contract and salary just seemed to good to be true.   It also came with a 25 mile radius non-compete clause, which would force me to move if I wanted to walk.  Well, it turns out that they were allowed to change compensation at any time (even cutting it to $1 a year) and you still could not get out of the non-compete.  Guess what?  Their compensation formula has changed three times since I interviewed.  All for the worse. Good thing I decided not to play along.

So, here is an idea, why don’t ALL the doctors from PA walk on Highmark?  It really is that easy.  Buck up and do something for once!  Stop crying and get tough.  You are being devalued and disrespected.  You can fix this.

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