Sun Hysteria Continues


The American Academy of Pediatrics has a website called where they put out information for patients.  I know this because I seem to know a lot of leaders in the AAP though my adventures in life.  Anyway, one of them was recently promoting their latest link and the title got me interested.  It was called Vitamin D: on the Double and if you read it you will notice one missing recommendation. They talk about supplements and food but they DO NOT mention getting out in the sun!  When I brought this up to my AAP connection she responded with “skin cancer?”.  So that is where are today, huh? Our medical leaders have been so brainwashed by the idiotic dermatologists that they think ten to fifteen minutes in the sun daily gives skin cancer?  This article even recommends margarine, which his filled with trans fats from hydrogenated oils, rather then getting outside.

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I am constantly amazed at how we fight nature in this country.  Doctors only think that fortification or supplementation or medication is the fix. I am embarrassed by that.  I did mention this article to my friend called Avoiding Sun as Dangerous as Smoking where is summarizes a study showing:

  • Nonsmokers who stayed out of the sun had a life expectancy similar to smokers who soaked up the most rays, according to researchers who studied nearly 30,000 Swedish women over 20 years.
  • This indicates that avoiding the sun “is a risk factor for death of a similar magnitude as smoking,” write the authors of the article, published March 21 in the Journal of Internal Medicine. Compared with those with the highest sun exposure, life expectancy for those who avoided sun dropped by 0.6 to 2.1 years.

We don’t exactly know why the sun is so important but it is.  Could it be to the increase in D?  Possibly.  Studies are showing that giving people just supplements to treat their low D doesn’t work as well.  Could it be to the irradiation via UVA, UVB or Infrared light?  Possibly.  The bottom line is that we need some sun and zero margarine.

My friend asked me, via Twitter, if I recommend sun to my patients and I absolutely do. That was the last I heard from her.  I doubt the AAP will change their recommendations but they need to. We have a generation of children coming up that are mole people who live on their phones, XBOXs, computers, or televisions binge watching Netflix and this is now reinforced by the medical governing bodies who tell them to stay inside.  How sad is that?  Oh, and all those technologies may not be good for us either. When the AAP brought up their recommendations last year about screen time I tried to bring up the non-native EMF concerns to my OTHER connections in that organization.  That didn’t go far and together with this latest protest I think they must believe I am either granola or should wear an aluminum foil hat.

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