Your Money on EHRs


A new report from the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association finds nearly half of patient face-to-face contact with health care providers — checkups, emergency room stays, even hospital admissions — were missing from their electronic records.  This after the federal government has invested more than $30 billion in electronic medical records.  Where is the accountability in this?  The government doesn’t care because it is YOUR MONEY.  The EHR/EMR big vendors don’t care because it is YOUR MONEY.  This is why the government needs to stay out of healthcare.  They suck at it.  If your office bought an EHR/EMR system and it was your money you would:

  1. Make sure you actually needed it
  2. Make sure it is built for care and not for billing
  3. Would buy the cheapest and most effective one

This does not happen with the government.  This does not happen even with hospitals who want to show off (this CEO just resigned partly due to trying to implement an EPIC EHR at $170 million!).

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