Kill the MOC

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If you haven’t seen this piece written by a pediatrician then you have to immediately. Here is what she did:

Well, it turns out, not complying with MOC is a big deal. Not only has the definition of “board certified” changed, apparently so has the definition of “voluntary.”

On December 17, with the blessing of my partners, I decided to test how “voluntary” board certification is. Over the past 13 years, I’ve passed my board examination twice, completed multiple proprietary online tests, and completed three ABP research projects on my patients. But when the American Board of Pediatrics threatened to revoke my certification and nullify 13 years of testing and research projects if I didn’t pay $1,300 to “maintain certification,” I had enough. I didn’t pay, and voluntarily gave up my board certification.

What happened? Well, the American Board of Pediatrics erased her name as if she had never passed the original board. Then the insurance companies started dropping her and soon her privileges at the hospital became at risk.

We need to stop this scam.  There is no proof that a MOC does anything.  The ABMS is corrupt and using the the word voluntary to destroy our lives and accrue boatloads of cash.  Let’s not just stop the MOC, let’s Kill the MOC!

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