Better Support?

Wanda Filer, M.D., taking to the stage on the opening day of the

It turns out job satisfaction is not so great for primary care doctors and the AAFP writes as if they are surprised by it:

Primary care physicians are never happier with their medical career choice than when they are spending time with patients. But balancing care for complex patients with administrative demands is one of their toughest tasks, according to primary care physicians who were interviewed for a recent report.

Administrative demands are tough?  Really?  Hmmm.  So the ACO, PCMH, P4P and other garbage bureaucratic burdens are making the job difficult. You don’t say?

From the AAFP president Wanda Filer MD:

According to Filer, medicine is the only profession whose members adopted new technology and then had to hire additional staff — such as medical scribes — because the new tools made simple tasks more time-consuming.

So you never saw this was going to be more time consuming?

What a joke, both the AAFP and those that write for them.

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