EMR Madness


It is the middle of 2016 and over half of EMRs do not talk to each other. Here is what a recent survey also showed:

  • According to the survey, patient information is still not shared across providers. In fact, only 49 percent of physicians with EHRs said that they can share patients’ records electronically with clinicians outside their practice.
  • Just 49 percent of consumers surveyed indicated that their physicians are able to share information about their health and know their medical history before they get to their appointment.
  • Further, only 60 percent reported that their primary doctor has access to any hospital or ER visit records without them bringing them to the physician office.
  • And only 63 percent of surveyed consumers said that if their doctor is not available they could see another provider who has access to their EHRs.

This is true madness and will only be corrected by lots of money. The EMR companies aren’t going to pay it.  So, then, who is going to pay for?

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