Pain No Longer a Fifth Vital Sign


The AMA has removed pain as a “fifth vital sign” and it is pissing some people off.  This from some pain website:

The AMA’s main “solution” to the opioid problem is to stop asking patients about their pain.

In fact, reading their site shows how everyone has their own perspective and how doctors are caught in the middle.  As the site goes on to say:

Pain was first recognized as the fifth vital sign in the 1990’s, giving pain equal status with blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate and temperature as vital signs. The policy encourages healthcare providers to ask patients about their pain.

Not exactly.  They try to elevate The Joint Commission as the gold standard of care but forgot to mention how The Joint Commission started giving out Pain Rating scales that were funded by Purdue Pharmaceuticals.  The AMA wants the fifth vital sign dropped from the physician’s lexicon and I agree.  How about dropping The Joint Commission as well?

As one reader, who pointed this article out to me, said:

Wow, the Placebo Journal was so ahead of our time.  Finally The Joint Commission creeps who pushed this crap should have a special level of Hell reserved for them.  They ruined medicine and have killed hundreds of thousands of patients. We just “do as we are told”.  I’ll never forget these smug bastards with their little clip boards coming around an we docs were blamed. If you stood up to them you were labeled “disruptive”. Disruptive physicians were those pesky doctors who actually gave a damn.On the other hand, the physicians that The Joint Commission and hospital administration loved just kept the narcs flowing.


Kill the MOC.

Kill the Joint Commission.


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