PCMH Congress Looks Awesome


Save the dates for the ultimate [email protected]  It is billed as the “Sessions to Help Optimize Your Patient-Centered Medical Home” and it looks ever so powerful:

  • The Role of the PCMH Under MACRA
  • Using Panel Stratification in the Medical Home
  • Inside Tips to Tackling the Finance Barrier
  • Making Good Neighbors: How PCMHs and PCSPs Can Work Together to Improve Care Within the Medical Neighborhood
  • Connecting the Dots of NCQA’s Patient-Centered Connected Care(TM)
  • RecognitionEvaluating Your Transformative Team’s Aptitude to Advance
  • Using Panel Stratification in the Medical Home
  • Examining The Impact of Health IT on Care Integration: Achieving Whole-Person Care
  • How to Build an Interdisciplinary Transformation Team and the Importance of Including Patients and Community Partners
  • Streamlining for Sustainability: Leveraging Existing Workflows for Post-Recognition Success

These are only part of the enlightenment they are sharing.  Anyone else understand what these things mean?  No?  Join the club. We used to do fake conferences for the Placebo Journal but this one is real.  I wouldn’t have been able to make this funnier than it already is.

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