AAFP Against Nurses’ Scope of Practice?


Oooh boy, someone is going to get it.  The AAFP, amazingly enough, got into the fray when they made a statement against the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) who was trying to unilaterally expand the scope of practice for advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs).  The rule removes provisions that require nurses to work in patient-centered care teams supervised by a physician. The AAFP Board Chair, Robert Wergin, M.D., argues that “such action could jeopardize patient safety and would certainly override states’ authority to regulate medical and nursing practice”. Watch the claws come out by the nurses now.  And I guarantee the AAFP will backtrack. My question is where has the AAFP been?  They let the FNPs make claims that they are the same as doctors and said nothing.  They capitulated at every turn and now family doctors are losing jobs to them.  They have hid in the corner instead of pointing out that training and education do, in fact, matter. And now they grow a pair to protect anesthesiologists?  WTF?  Well, I guess better late than never.

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