This Is Where I Get Off by Pat Conrad MD


No, no, no, I mean it, no way, hell no!

Some of you are going to have a real problem with this piece, in fact, some of you will think very poorly of the author. Too bad.

I predicted earlier this year that societal fashion would soon turn into policy and training that would force broad acceptance of the transgender agenda by the medical community. Well, it’s happening. Two articles in the latest Family Practice News: “Transgender medical care is increasingly important”, and “Caring for transgender youth will require care across specialties.” FP News is now given over to propagating actual harm dressed up as compassion.

Dr. David Shumer at the Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting: “I think it’s incumbent upon (physicians) to figure out how to provide that education to trainees so that the next generation is able to provide excellent care for transgender kids and their families.” No, Dr. Shumer, it is not. Providing care for patients is not, and must not be defined “excellent” by virtue of buying into a harmful agenda and enabling a dangerous self-delusion. “Expect that you will see a transgender patient in your practice in the next few years, and prepare for it now. Don’t just scramble when it happens.” Don’t worry, I won’t, nor will I learn a bunch of gender-neutral communication patterns beyond common courtesy merely to adapt myself to this issue. Call me a dinosaur.

Also at the PAS meeting, child psychiatry resident Dr. Kristen Eckstrand, stated: “We all have a gender, we all have a gender identity, we all have a way to express that to the world around us, and to ignore that part of a human being would be a real detriment to our society.” So if I don’t embrace the transgender agenda as a physician, I’m anti-social? How exactly does Eckstrand determine the social value of individuals expressing fractured self-esteem and false identities? By the logic of the Shumers and Eckstrands we ought not call anorexics ill, but embrace their defined self-image. Eckstrand advises: “We need to ask ourselves how can we help our transgender patients achieve their gender presentation, the gender identification … We use pronouns and significations of gender such as Mr. and Ms., and we need to do so in a way that reflects what patients value in themselves.” I refer the lady to my previous assertions.

Now get ready for this garbage to accelerate. We will see the ABFM come out with Gender Competency modules for their MOC extortion racket. States more easily susceptible to political pressures from vocal minorities will pass mandatory CME’s for transgender issues (That’s how HIV and domestic violence became mandatory CME’s for licensure in Florida where I live). The AMA will furrow its collective brow, and then pass a strongly worded, if cautious statement on the need for respecting the vagaries involved in the protection of the rights and dignity of all those person(s) who at any time might identify with the need for the proper attention and evaluations of those whose position indicate them as being in positions of special trust bestowed upon them by a progressively variable yet diversely compassionate society. Obviously the Affordable Care Act will have to be adjusted to require all states to mandate transgender-counseling services, even for those beneficiaries who may not realize at the time that they might have the need to differently self-identify in the future. Can JCHAO trans-standards and new trans core measures be far behind?

I really can’t imagine how frightening and sad having gender identity confusion is, and like every other patient, these folks ought to get proper medical care. I’m not bashing transgenders and I do not dispute that they have a genuine problem, for which they need very specialized psychiatric care. But I am disgusted by those health care practitioners who promote surgical and hormonal mutilation, and further reinforce their patients’ genuine emotional turmoil in pursuit of some squishy, amorphous compassion that can only be defined by denying the obvious. They will pursue this “care” to promote their own agendas, salve their own confusions, gain public acclaim, or even to make a buck by preying on the vulnerable. Along the way, they will be promoted by willingly duped media sources, which will lead to greater “awareness” and ultimately policy mandates that will further disfigure this profession. This could never be the purpose of medicine, and I want no part of it.

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