And Here We Go Again


From the AMA Rounds:

As part of a series on the American Medical Association’s Accelerating Change in Medical Education initiative, Repertoire Magazine reports on the importance of preparing tomorrow’s physicians through non-traditional education subjects such as economics and biostatistics. Brown University’s Medical School Primary Care-Population Medicine program includes such “third science” coursework, formerly known as “health systems science.” One core focus of the curriculum is leadership, which is promoted through specific courses on leadership in healthcare. Brown Medical students can also focus on public health research in specific demographic groups such as incarcerated patients and members of the LGBT community.

Economics? Biostatistics? Leadership? Specific demographic groups like prisoners and the LGBT community?

Doesn’t Moore’s Law apply to medicine where we have double the amount of information to learn every few years?  I cannot see how taking medical students away from the basics helps anyone other than making the school look good to others.  Classic style over substance trick.

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