Small Companies are Self-Funding Plans


Many small and midsized companies are opting to pay their employees’ medical claims directly, a practice called self-insuring. They do this instead of buying a health insurance policy to cover their workers. This seems to be a great idea because it gives them more flexibility to tailor their benefits for their workforce. Employers that self-fund typically buy stop-loss insurance to protect them if employees have higher-than-expected health care claims.  Now we are talking.  The key is to find a way NOT to work with insurers and create some type of bare bones plan that is a safety net for your workers.  What these companies should do next is find a direct primary care doctor to work with.  They can pay the total monthly fee for their employee or even share in the monthly fee for the employee and their workers would get MUCH better care and MUCH better service.  And the beauty is that it would come as a much lower cost!

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