Give the Poor Insurance Companies a Break


In another example of this administration doing whatever ever they want with the Affordable Care Act it was found recently that “health insurers that sell plans on the federal marketplace may not face ‘enforcement remedies’ in 2017 if they fail to follow all of the rules around consumer complaints”. It goes on to say that several large insurers have exited ACA marketplaces, and the remaining companies “likely will absorb the members who will lose their coverage.” CMS explained this “scenario ‘may present temporary operational challenges’ that prevent exchange plans from meeting all federal standards, specifically those related to ‘consumer casework.’”  In other words, not only will the price tag hurt you but your complaints mean nothing if the plan sucks.  Let me get this straight?  The administration can pick apart this LAW anyway they want so that it works to their (and the insurer’s) benefit?  Why is there no repercussions for these actions?

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