AAFP Supporting DPC Bill?


The AAFP is a business who supposedly represents family doctors.  I don’t belong to this organization anhyomore because I feel they have never really represented me.  In fact, they have supported everything that I am against which tends to be the same things driving doctors into quitting or retiring from the profession.  This list includes Obamacare, all quality metrics and allowing midlevels to take our jobs.  So when I found they are “applauding a House bill that would enable physicians who practice direct primary care (DPC) to see more patients by changing the tax code so the model is not treated as a health plan or insurance”, I was excited.  Well, not really excited but at least slightly encouraged.  Then I noticed that they mention in the same  linked article above that also supported a companion bill:

The legislation calls for setting up a CMS demonstration project for practices that wish to participate. Medicare patients can obtain DPC services now, but they must pay the monthly fees out of pocket and can contract only with physicians who opt out of Medicare. If the legislation is enacted, CMS would establish an innovative project that would pay DPC medical home practices a “periodic fee” for treating Medicare Part B patients.

To participate in the demonstration project, DPC practices would have to meet performance targets established by Medicare. Qualifying practices would be required to offer enhanced services, including preventive care, wellness counseling, primary care, care coordination, appointments seven days a week, secure email and phone consultations, and 24/7 telephone access to consultations. If they failed to meet the targets for two consecutive years, they would be excluded from the initiative.

Once again the bureaucratic idiots couldn’t stop themselves from trying to play nice with the government.  They couldn’t just stay away from these useless metrics.

The AAFP almost had me interested again but they somehow extinguished out that interest in the same article. Nice job.


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