Cigna is Doing A-OK


In this time of Obamacare failure I just want to remind people that the insurance companies are doing just fine.  This was a few months back but:

  • Cigna Corp. on Friday boosted its outlook for the year as earnings easily beat Wall Street expectations in the first quarter of the year, helped by more favorable medical costs in the health-care provider’s government and commercial employer businesses.
  • Over all for the March quarter, Cigna reported earnings of $519 million, or $2 a share, down from $533 million, or $2.04 a share, a year earlier. Income in the 2015 quarter included a charge of $40 million, or 14 cents a share, for transaction costs related to Cigna’s proposed merger with Anthem.

So, let’s not feel bad for these bastards.  Also, they will be trying to get a bailout from the government soon which means you will pay more taxes, too.

Now go have a great day!

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