Dermatologists Crying About Sunscreen…Again


I found this article that states that “in a survey of 156 U.S. dermatologists, every single one of them agreed that sunscreen reduces premature aging of the skin, or photoaging, and 97 percent agreed that it also lowers the risk of cancer. But 99 percent of them also think their patients don’t apply enough sunscreen.”

Of course they believe that.

And yet the D levels in people are so low that there are cases of Rickets again.  Wow.  Dermatologists make so much money that they need to ease their guilt by making us believe that they are saving us from cancer.  They really aren’t. Instead, they have created an epidemic of low D.  They have made people so paranoid about the sun that even getting them out for 10 to 15 minutes a day, to help in getting D, is one of the hardest recommendations for them to follow.

Will someone ask them why higher D may be helpful for melanoma patients?  In fact, there are tons of other studies showing that maybe, just maybe, melanoma is not really a sun issue.  Hmmm.

I believe in sunscreen.  If you are going to be out in the sun for hours put some sunscreen on.  For short periods, and you do need some sun, don’t.



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