Welcome to the future of medicine.  Looking like a portable bathroom, the MEDEX SPOT is an “Unmanned Micro Clinic” is connected by satellite to a hospital Medical Call Center and “provides the most comprehensive virtual medical examination facility possible in a cabin which is soundproofed, employs constant automatic sanitization of both the air, cabin surfaces and medical instruments handled by patients.”  There’s more. “Patients interact directly with medical professionals over high quality video, ensuring the best possible patient experience.”  So there you have it.  Patients can now see a medical professional which means a  nurse practitioner and they can do it in an outhouse.  How sad is this?  First it was seeing a NP at the Walmart.  Now they dilute it even more because you only see a NP virtually.  Wouldn’t it be better for a patient to see his or her own doctor if that physician wasn’t forced to churn through a million patients a day?  In my opinion, the future should have doctors seeing less patients a day (as in DPC) and to use these MEDEX SPOTS as restrooms for the homeless, which is probably going to virtually happen anyway.

And why would a supposed DPC Journal website promote this garbage?  Are they being paid to put this in there? Hmmm, one was to wonder?  Just another reason for an official and unbiased DPC site versus some of the crap out there.