Why Does the ABFM Get Any Publicity?


For those that don’t think that the AAFP and the ABFM are in cahoots, here is the headline on their website:

You’ll Like These Changes to Next Spring’s ABFM Exam

Really?  Are they getting rid of the MOC?  No. Here is the big surprise:

This summer, family physicians learned about a number of changes the American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) was making to its Family Medicine Certification process (formerly, Maintenance of Certification for Family Physicians). One such change was the decision to uncouple the clinical simulation portion of the Self-Assessment activities (previously known as Self-Assessment Modules [SAMs]) from the knowledge assessment portion.

The move, which was based on feedback from ABFM diplomates, means that rather than requiring diplomates to complete a SAM that includes both a 60-question knowledge assessment plus a clinical simulation, the Knowledge Self-Assessment will now be the minimum required self-assessment activity.


So, let’s summarize.  They changed the name from MOC to Family Medicine Certification process.  Brilliant. Secondly, they cut back one part of the bogus exam.  Wow!!!

Great job ABFM and their financial partner, AAFP.  You both need to go.

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