Dr. Wes Exposes the ABFM As Well


Thank god for Dr. Wes Fisher.  He is the man.  Please read his blog post about the ABFM and the scam they run. He has nailed the ABIM and now turns his attention to the family medicine homologue. Here is a taste:

For instance, while the public only has access to the ABFM’s tax forms to disclose the financial dealings of the organization, we quickly see that MOC continues to be a windfall for the ABFM. In fact, in 2014 MC-FM fees (the ABFM’s MOC program equivalent) contributed 46.4% ($12,776,905) of their $27,525,430 annual haul from ABFM diplomates. These fees helped support Dr. Puffer’s $803,687 annual compensation and the organizations’ $3,521,629 “donations” made to their “ABFM Foundation” and “Pisacano Leadership Foundation.” (In 2012 and 2013 these “donations” were even larger: $6,147,376 and $7,878,535 respectively). MOC also helped fund the ABFM Executive’s first class and companion air travel and their Directors’ first class air travel and a $1,449,525 retirement package with $435,000 in post-retirement medical benefits. No wonder MOC is such a great deal and needs to continue!

Please read it all.  It is amazing.  And STOP paying for the MOC!  Put them out of business.

And Wes, can you please detail how the AAFP is benefiting off of the ABFM and the MOC so people can pressure them to stop?

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