Middle Class Getting Killed With Obamacare

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This article states what everyone is feeling:

But for many middle class Americans — a single person earning more than $47,520 or a family of four with an income of $97,200 — the pricey premiums and deductibles mean health care coverage remains out of reach.

And here is more:

For the 10.5 million enrollees on the Obamamcare exchanges, health insurance costs are more transparent. And more of the burden falls on the consumers. That is leaving an untold number of Americans opting to remain uninsured, rather than shell out thousands a year for premiums and deductibles. In 2015, 46% of uninsured adults said that they tried to get coverage but did not because it was too expensive, a Kaiser study found.

It’s not working.  Ask any doctor in the field and they will tell you the issues.  Ask most people and they will tell that system this is unaffordable.

The bottom line is that any plan that eschews the free market system fails.  You can’t guarantee the insurance companies a profit and expect to save money by removing competition. It will never happen.

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