WiFi vs. Everything Else

Whenever you think “what’s wrong with this world” I want you to think of this as at least one reason.  A recent study found that 4 in 10 of us identify Wi-Fi as our most important daily need, above sex, chocolate and alcohol.

The study involved asking participants to rank the importance of Wi-Fi against other “human luxuries and necessities” on a scale of 1-4, with one being most important and 4 bring least important. Wi-Fi was labelled most important by 40.2% of respondents, followed by sex (36.6%), chocolate (14.3%) and alcohol, which was ranked as the number one daily essential by 8.9% of respondents.

Humans have never seen this much connectivity before. I mean, think about it, we didn’t even have WiFi before the last decade.  Could WiFi be causing problems?  My guess is yes.  The fact that people want it more than sex and chocolate means it is pretty darn addictive.  You get a little dopamine snack every time you go online and start forgetting the real world.  Seeing a bunch of millennials sitting around a table looking at their phones and not interacting is extremely disturbing to me.  But not nearly as disturbing as not wanting sex, chocolate or alcohol.

P.S. The video above was written by my son, Jake, who lives in LA and who is an aspiring writer.  It really has little to do with this post but feel free to share it.


Douglas Farrago MD

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