Eliminating the Inconvenience by Pat Conrad MD


Ordinarily I flip through Family Practice News with minimal interest, in a generally indisposed status. Every issue they have some new study or op-ed co-authored by Neil Skolnik, MD, and on EHR matters, he is usually joined by Chris Notte, MD. I don’t know these two, and maybe they are actually nice guys. They both have fingers in other EHR pies and data-sharing apps according to their insert bio’s, and they’ve produced a number of articles very accommodating toward the idea of EHR’s for all (in fairness, they have given more recent commentary to all of the problems these damn systems cause). This article caught my eye, wherein they show a case study of how EHR’s are actually harmful to patient care. In so many words, they tell how a patient was presented grand rounds-style, who told her story to the assembled crowd. Then they presented her case strictly from her electronic record, and the story was completely different. You have to love this sentence: “This was no case of mistaken identity or registration error. The chart presented at the conference did belong to the patient, but the story told by the chart was wrong.” What organized medicine (looking your way, AAFP), Big Insurance, and Big Government is destroying on its way toward greater population data manipulation is beyond wrong. I highly recommend you read this article for yourself.

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