Health Insurers and Their Demands

Here is the headline from the NY Times:

Health Insurers List Demands if Affordable Care Act Is Killed

Is anyone else stunned or as disgusted as I am?  The utter arrogance of these predators to make demands after they continue to gouge us over and over.   I hated the ACA but a big reason for that was the collusion between the government and the insurers.  They say they have “lost” money with this law but they have increased their rates so much that there is NO way they are losing money overall.  In fact, I have posted their profits here before.

So what are their demands?

  • They need a clear commitment from the Trump administration and congressional leaders that the government will continue offsetting some costs for low-income people.
  • They also want to keep in place rules that encourage young and healthy people to sign up, which the insurers say are crucial to a stable market for individual buyers.

To summarize, they want subsidies and they want to gouge young people who don’t get sick.

In what other business does the seller make demands?  Does your business extort your customers?  I will say it again, they need to be dismantled. We need real competition for bare bones catastrophic plans.  We cannot give in to these bastards.

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