Speaking of Aetna

A federal judge has ruled that Aetna lied when it claimed they were pulling out of Obamacare in 15 states due to them losing money.  It turns out they made their decision in response to a federal antitrust lawsuit blocking its proposed $37-billion merger with Humana.  This article is found in the LA Times but I find it troubling in a couple of ways.  One, I am disgusted by these insurers, who were handed money with all the new enrollees via the ACA.  They even hedged their bet by raising prices EVERYWHERE, in and out of the exchange.  Their profits have been insane yet they cry poor mouth.

The second troubling piece about the article is the spin the LA Times puts on it.  They turn this ruling about “insurers leaving Obamacare” into a political attack stating “the judge’s conclusions about Aetna’s real reasons for pulling out of Obamacare — as opposed to the rationalization the company made in public — are crucial for the debate over the fate of the Affordable Care Act”.

Ummm, sorry, the debate is over.  The ACA doesn’t work.

Even if insurers did NOT leave these states these companies still would be gouging us all!  They were gouging us before they decided to leave.  Yes, they lied about leaving.  Who cares?  I accept the fact that they are lying all the time.  Them staying still did not make Obamacare affordable because they were in cahoots with the government to game the system in their favor.  The house always wins and they are the house.

It is time to bring in real competition so the house crumbles.

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