The ABFM is Taking My Certification

This is a follow up to last week’s post.  I was under the impression that I could skip the bogus yearly mandates by the American Board of Family Medicine and just take the ridiculous test in seven years as opposed to ten.  Turns out I am wrong and it is more crooked than I thought.  Here is my conversation with their representative:

  • Them: The ABFM wants to remind you about your continuing certification deadline on Dec. 31, 2017.
  • Me: I don’t want to do any of it. I thought I could just take the test in 7 years after my last MOC.
  • Them: Thank you for Contacting the American Board of Family Medicine. Unfortunately, you must complete these activities to maintain your board certification. As you are currently on a 10 year certification cycle, Every 3 years you are required to complete 1 KSA, 1 PI and 50 Family Medicine Points, along with 150 CME credits. To maintain your certification, it is a constant learning process, and thus we require these activities. (I love how they start with “unfortunately”.  They could change that but they won’t so it isn’t unfortunate. It is intended in order to fill there coffers).
  • Me: I don’t want to do any of your activities. Can you put me on the seven-year cycle?
  • Them: We no longer offer the seven year cycle. If you do not complete your stage one requirements, you will lose your certification.

How is this possible?  I have paid thousands of dollars to them. I have passed all my certification and now they can just remove my name like I never certified at all!  For me to do their bullshit I would need to spend another $600 plus $200 per year until my next test. Why is my other CME not good enough for them?  This is extortion.  They have too much power.

Where is Dr. Wes Fisher when I need them?  Why are we all not fighting back?

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