Racist by Pat Conrad MD

This is going to get me in trouble, but it needs to be said. Certain minorities in this country are sucking the health industry dry and they need to be cut off. It’s well known that those descended from the Scots had terrible cardiovascular problems that they don’t even try to address, and yet we let them keep stuffing themselves with free food stamps along with the Swedes. Bulgarians and Czechs have horrible rates of COPD complications, yet we let them keep smoking. Italians spent decades in those run down, trashy ghettos, passing down too many genetic mutations to count. And the Irish, don’t even get me started about the damn Irish…

Maybe I should rant about the women? You know how those gals love to spray money all over the place the minute someone yells “SHOES”, with nary a thought to putting some aside for their HSA’s, or their next ER visit with a snotty child complaining of a 99-degree temperature. You might think it doesn’t matter, since most of those kids are on Medicaid anyway, but all that mucous adds up to real money.

Pretty stupid, huh? Can you imagine how quickly I would disappear if I cited certain other minorities for various perceived tendencies and behaviors related to health care? And everything I just said – except the part about the shoes, and of course the Irish, is mostly made up. Of course if I were a well connected, graduate of Stanford and UC-Irvine, and a “former embedded medical reporter for ABC News…nominated for multiple journalism awards,” then I would be lauded and given front page-status for the latest Medical Economics website front page.

The headline, “White men need to do their part and make healthcare safe again” is really self-revealing. Some tidbits:

  • “Thousands marched, collectively, in Lithuania, Kenya, Antarctica, Poland and Tanzania. However, it didn’t matter to the new presidential administration, as it proceeded to issue proclamations weakening the mandate—the part that provides an incentive for healthy people to sign up for insurance—of the Affordable Care Act. With no mandate, and fewer healthy people signing up for insurance, overall costs rise. (You idiot! Overall costs rose dramatically worse than before BECAUSE of the damned ACA!)
  • “An executive order ended aid to organizations providing abortion services abroad, ensuring the birth of many more unwanted, hungry babies in developing countries.” (Routine health care services abroad should be no more the business of the federal government than here at home. And who decided those babies were “unwanted”? That is arguably racist, and certainly none of our business).
  • “The current administration has everything it needs. Plenty of its voters support a Muslim ban (i.e., sending innocent Syrians back to slaughter) and bringing back pre-existing condition denials to health insurance.” (Attaching these two topics is simply unhinged).

Dr. Monya De does a little voter demographics breakdown for us, with this curious note: “About 61% of white male registered voters are Republican, a full 10% more than the percentage of males of all races that are Republican.”(SO??) She allows that white men were duped by the administration, and can now set things right by following the lead of their sisters by loudly rejecting any attempts to repeal the ACA. “If white men raise their voices, it will be to support their wives, mothers and daughters receiving free breast cancer screenings. It will be to support an aunt who works at a clinic supported by the Medicaid expansion and who is one of the three million people who stand to be unemployed if the ACA is repealed… It will be to protect African-Americans and Hispanic people from being denied insurance at higher rates because they have higher incidences of chronic disease.” (Would it be racist to suggest that those of caucasian persuasion were healthier?) Apart from another tiresome racial injection, how many more are in worse financial straits because of the huge premium and deductible increases invited by the ACA? It is predictable that those with masters in public health are uniformly in favor of larger government interventions in health care, and oblivious to the damages they cause.

“In the years of the ACA as we know it, urgent care centers proliferated, doctors discovered life-threatening diseases in patients who hadn’t been seen in 10 years and primary care salaries went up. All of these things have some inherent good to them.” So do puppies and sunshine, but they too have costs that can’t be ignored. How many articles, news reports, actual surveys, and real life anecdotes will it take to convince this public health genius that far from being more profitable, primary care is collapsing in great measure due to the failed ideas she is clinging to? In this poisonous snowflake’s mind, white men who join in her fact-free emotionalism “will be speaking out against their children’s nanny running out of her blood pressure pills and having a heart attack because she no longer has Medicaid.” This, even as she supports cutting pay to the doctor who cannot stop that nanny from smoking or getting her weight down or reducing her HgbA1c.

“True, no one is expecting that men will change all their behaviors overnight. Some express cynicism about whether white men really want to engage at all.” Well, well, doesn’t that cap it?

Authentic medicine should be about the individual, a concept increasingly off the radar in the debates over health care. Monya De is a typical establishment wonk using her medical degree and a healthy weight of implied racism to club people into supporting collective solutions to individual problems.

“But white men who believe in a healthier country, one where people do not die needlessly from lack of access to medical care, have a chance to make a difference. The women who marched have already done their part.” So I can atone for my white guilt by supporting your nationalized health care?

Monya De’s comments are racist and sexist, and her prescriptions of categorical guilt won’t cure a damn thing.

Author’s note: For some odd reason, I was unable to leave a comment on Moya De’s article on the Medical Economics site. And yes, I’m Irish.

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