Introducing the Accountable Health Communities Program

Are you ready for some more quality BS?  Here is the summary from an AAFP newsletter:

The 32 initial participants in the CMS Accountable Health Communities program will need to keep comprehensive databases with information on health care professionals who can address health-related social needs, collect and share beneficiary data, and monitor and evaluate how well beneficiaries’ social needs are being met. The program has three tracks — awareness, assistance and alignment — focused on increasing beneficiary awareness of available services, supporting community services for high-risk beneficiaries and improving alignment of services and needs.

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You have to love that the databases they are tracking are actually on the health care professionals.  It’s about time they are held accountable for their patients’ social needs.  I am obviously being facetious.  So, remember folks, the three A’s will get you a better bonus and make you a better doctor:

  • Awareness (being aware that this is unproven)
  • Assistance (you will get no assistance in accomplishing this task)
  • Alignment (aligning yourself with a new job offer once you realize what a waste of time this is)

Can’t wait for the next program from CMS to come that disregards the last one.  It is all just one big game and circle jerk.

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