Out With the Old and…You’ve Got to Be Kidding Me by Pat Conrad MD

For the record, I never liked Vivek H. Murthy, MD.  He was and remains a collectivist political hack, hiding behind a medical degree to push for larger government.  He founded Doctors for Obama (later called Doctors for America), which…hell, that’s self-explanatory.  According to the New York Times, Murthy is “a self-described dreamer and grass-roots organizer [with] a deep fondness for mangoes, and his interests include studying ways to increase global happiness.”  Gimme some phenergan, quick.  Murthy said of Doctors for America, “A few colleagues and I began Doctors for America with a simple belief that physicians should play a leadership role in designing and running our nation’s health care system.”  By turning it over to an even larger, more intrusive, governmental system, making him a bully supporter of the ACA.

Fact is, I think the role of the U.S. Surgeon General is a cartload of BS, I don’t like the occupant playing dress-up in a naval officer’s uniform, and like the great majority of the existing federal government, has no appropriate constitutional foundation or authority.  The NYT even noted, “In 1995, a certain senator from Delaware, Joseph R. Biden Jr., was quoted as saying: “You could eliminate the entire job and you’d have no impact on the people of America.”  Well, a bust clock, etc.

But here is one thing I CAN say for Dr. Murthy:  whatever my disagreements with him, he is an actual medical doctor.  He has an M.D.  He completed an actual residency.

The new U.S. Surgeon General, Sylvia Trent-Adams (pictured on left), has a Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing.  Our new surgeon general is a nurse-doctor.  

Think of that, all you would-be medical students, before you sign the loan agreement.

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