Rookie Move by Pat Conrad MD

Ooooh, she didn’t read the script!  Everybody knows there are acceptable opinions, and there are rude, nasty, ugly points of view that will get you blasted from fashionable circles quicker than you can say “personal responsibility.”

Kara McCullough is a 26 year-old daughter of a U.S. Marine, a graduate of South Carolina State University with a B.S. in Chemistry and radiochemistry, member of multiple honorary societies, and a scientist working for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Office of Nuclear Security and Incident Response.  And not to be sexist, but she is a total bombshell and as Miss D.C. just took the crown for Miss USA.  She is also an idiot.

“Miss DC was my fav but … not after that answer,” wrote one Twitter user, and justifiably so.  Poor dimwitted Miss McCullough, when asked during the pageant whether she thinks that affordable health care for all U.S. citizens is a right or a privilege, said, …sigh… “I’m definitely going to say it’s a privilege.”

“As a government employee, I’m granted health care and I see firsthand that for one to have health care, you need to have jobs, so therefore we need to continue to cultivate this environment so that we’re given the opportunities to have health care as well as jobs for all Americans worldwide,” said the silly girl.  Kara that is no way to get invited on “Ellen!”  You know good and well that your dad’s service, your parents’ efforts in raising you, and all of your hard work have nothing to do with the good health you apparently enjoy at the expense of others.  And don’t think being black is any excuse, noooo ma’am!  You should know your place as assigned by the popular media and deep Twitter thinkers like the one who said, ” “Well I guess poor people don’t deserve health care because the new Miss USA said it was a privilege.” Okay, so you didn’t actually SAY poor people don’t deserve health care, but we can all read between the lines, can’t we?  How can you hold your head up and look the cast of “The Today Show” in the eye if you can’t demonstrate more obvious compassion, even if it means a little less reason?

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Kara, you might be an accomplished scientist, but you weren’t there with us in the auditorium that first week in medical school, when we started getting the script on acceptable opinions.  Most of the academics that first week told us that everyone deserved the same level of care no matter what, and they had left the slapdash economics of the private clinic for the sureties of academic medicine, sovereign immunity, and tenure to prove it.  We were told further on rounds during third year that the crack mother delivering lucky baby #7, and the 350 lb. smoker on food stamps going blind from diabetes all deserved the very best care the taxpayer could render, and got more of the same during the interminable days of residency.  If you had sweated out those board exams and med school loans, you might know that the actual privilege is to dole out free care to those who think they somehow earned it without actually doing the work or paying any of the freight.  Health care a privilege??  How will you ever get any audience applause on The Late Show with an attitude like that?

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