That’s More Like It by Pat Conrad MD

And then…

Miss USA is getting her mind right, courtesy of the mob.  After saying during her title-winning pageant answer that health care is a “privilege,” she was scorched for such a horrible slight to humankind.  She has since clarified:  “I am privileged to have health care and I do believe that it should be a right,” McCullough said on “Good Morning America,” adding, “I hope and pray moving forward that health care is a right for all worldwide.”

Now your talking girlfriend!  That’s what Whoopi and Joy and the studio full of intellectuals at “The View” want to hear.  Honestly, it wouldn’t hurt if you could go on “Live with Kelly and Ryan” and mention that you know, doctors do make an awful lot of money, and maybe they should…well, that comes with practice.

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We’ll know you have total commitment when Congress asks you to testify about the worsening health care crisis on which you will by then have been deemed an expert on the basis of your acceptably compassionate views. 

The important thing is to never stop feeling, and never allow that rational nuclear chemistry-trained intellect of yours to interfere with giving the people, the important, beautiful people, what they need to hear.  Don’t worry about Aetna bailing on ObamaCare, or the millions of families pushed to the margins because they voted for health care to be more of a right, or the 20 trillion debt and what a real economic collapse will look like when the hospitals can’t even get normal saline.  Because if you do, that nasty little bug that Kahn put in your ear via Twitter will start chewing on your brain, and the screaming will return.

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