ABMS and Extortion

We all believe that doctors need certification.  Most of us, however, think this recertification process (I have done it twice already) is a money grab and a joke.  Just look the the coffers of the ABFM or the ABIM and you realize this is a scam.  I don’t love the AMA but I will give them credit for trying to end this garbage. Currently, physicians who pass their initial board certifications get their names dropped from some ABMS member boards’ websites if they opt out of any of the MOC recertification.  I have been sent blackmail letters from the ABFM that unless I pay up they will remove me in December.  It will be like I have never certified at all.

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The AMA did this recently:

Delegates voted to challenge this practice, adopting the resolution’s proposed language that “the names and initial certification status of time-limited diplomates shall not be removed from ABMS and ABMS member boards’ websites or physician certification databases even if the diplomate chooses not to participate in MOC.”

The new policy seeks to apply the same protections to time-limited physicians—those who are required to recertify every 10 years—as it does to “grandfathered” physicians, who received their initial certification prior to the era in which recertification was requisite.

What does this move mean?  I am not sure.  I need help from others to explain this to me  Dr. Wes Fisher, are you there?

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