Birth Control Right

This should go over like a lead balloon but I am pretty naive about something I just read. This is from the Washington Post:

The Trump administration has drafted a regulation that would dramatically scale back the federal mandate that employers provide free birth control coverage, by providing an exemption to anyone who raises religious or moral objections.

I don’t want to have the religious and moral objection discussion here.  That is not the focus of this particular blog.  My question why doesn’t anyone object to the birth control mandate due to financial reasons?  Why is birth control a “right”?  Why does it HAVE to be provided free?  Generic oral contraceptives are $9 a month.  Why should any medicine HAVE to be covered by any employer or insurer, for that matter?  And if it does then it seems to me blood pressure medicine may an important drug to cover as well.

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The rest of the Washington Post article takes the religious exception spin and those points can be debated but there would be no debate if ALL mandates were just removed.  We need to let the public shop around and bring the prices down.  That means colonoscopies.  That means Pap smears.  That means mammograms.  That means guaranteed physicals with your family doctor.  Get rid of it all.  Even now a $9/month drug is not budget breaking especially in an era of mega bills for smartphones and cable.  Some will respond that everyone needs to have their iPhone.  Oh yeah, then why are they not mandated for free?

It seems to me that the more you pay for things yourself the more you help the free market work.  Getting third parties to cover you only muddies the water and eventually hurts us all in the long run.

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