Embracing DPC Takes Dedication and Sacrifice

My friend and colleague, Julie Gunther MD, is highlighted in the most recent AAFP News magazine.  I recently spent a lot of time with Julie at a business conference (Inc Magazine) where we got to know each other much better. I was NOT at the DPC Summit to hear her talk but I know what she said.  I have heard her lecture twice before and she is an excellent speaker and extremely honest and passionate. It is no wonder the AAFP gave her the headline in their recent online journal.

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  • “I wanted to do comprehensive care and be ‘Dr. Julie,'” she said. “That’s the Marcus Welby model. People say that model doesn’t exist. It does exist. We can make it exist because it’s what our patients want.”
  • “Do you really want to do DPC, or are you just really unhappy?” she asked. “If you still love medicine, maybe DPC is for you.”
  • Gunther’s final piece of advice: “Be a great doctor, and create a system that allows you to be a great doctor.”

I am proud of you Julie and I owe you a beer or shot or both.

For those who would like to hear Julie speak again or hear me lecture then come to the DPC Nuts and Bolts conference in Orlando in October.

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