Ridiculous Study of the Week: Diabetes Risk

Well, they have gone and done it.  Researchers have discovered that “severe childhood obesity is tied to higher type 2 diabetes risk”.  I know, right?  You’re shocked.  As one author states:

“The rising incidence of diabetes in young adults is related to the epidemic of childhood obesity and is largely driven by the increase in severe degrees of obesity in youth,” Sinha said. “A rise in youth-onset diabetes is likely to lead to development of late-stage complications of diabetes and premature mortality.”

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The bigger question, however, has not been asked of this scientist. If I was able to ask this crack researcher one thing it would be, “Why the f%ck are we doing the same studies over and over again?  Of course obesity is related to diabetes!”

And then I would eat a whoopee pie as he looked at me in disgust.

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